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Licensed German Shepherd Breeder in Maine This Kennel name was chosen to reflect the substance and essence of what the German Shepherd Dog, should be, whether for family , police, herding , sport or a specialized service. In the days of the Romans, the Praetorian Guard was the elite force whose responsibility was to Guard, Protect and Serve the Emperor. The German Shepherd is, was and should be a working dog no matter whether its purpose is that of companion, herding, service, police or sport. The Romans had the philosophy to develop a Sound Mind and a Sound Body. So lies the philosophy of this kennel: To produce Sound Temperament and Regal / Nobile looking German Shepherds while preserving the necessary Form, Function and Working Behavioral traits that make the German Shepherd Dog one of, if even, the most versatile canines. In my opinion, this is exactly what is intended and prescribed by "The Standard for the German Shepherd Dog ". Unfortunately there are many GSDs that are lacking the correct form and / or have had the behavioral traits diluted if not eliminated, which are defined by the German Shepherd Dog Standard. No doubt we should strive to produce GSDs with the following traits, to name a few: Loyalty & Faithfulness - the affinity to bond and love it's family, Intelligence - the ability to understand and problem solve, Trainability - the willingness to interact with the owners and follow directions the owners, Courage - the ability to endure stresses in life, Guardians - the ability to be watchful and to alert to threats, Endurance - to be able, within reason, to stay the course to perform. To Love, to Serve and to Protect.

Licensed German Shepherd Breeder in Maine I not only owned GSDs since my boyhood but I also dreamed to someday to be able to train and to produce the best of the best GSDs the world has to offer. I achieved these goals through past accomplishments. I attended a combined Medical School & Dental School Program from which I now hold a Doctorates of Dental Medicine Degree [ DMD ]. I hold a B.A. Degree in Psychology with extensive experience in Behavioral Psychology, Learning Theory, Animal Behaviorism, Cognitive Theory, Abnormal Psych., Genetics, Growth/Development. Additionally, I completed a Nationally Accredited Canine Academics Program, worked in Law Enforcement and had the opportunity to gain knowledge from the some of the Best SV Judges in Germany.

All these experiences has led me into Training Canines Professionally and Breeding the German Shepherd Dog. Only a few selective and discriminate litters are planned throughout the year. My puppies are produced for those loving families that wish to acquire true German Shepherds. Thank-you for visiting this web site and your inquiry.

Richard Intiso D.M.D., Owner & Breeder Praetorian German Shepherds

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