Praetorian German Shepherds in Windham, ME strives to produce German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) with the following traits, to name a few:

German Shephers Breeder in Maine
Loyalty & Faithfulness
The affinity to bond and love itís family.

The ability to understand and problem solve.

The willingness to interact with the owners and follow directions from the owners.

Nando Av Locathelli SG-3

2013 North American WUSV Sieger Show

[ Young Dog Class 18-24 male ]- 3RD PLACE

The ability to endure stresses in life.

The ability to be watchful and alert threats.

To be able, within reason, to stay the course to perform.


February 19, 2020

Elektra, the granddaughter of 2x VA-1 WORLD SEIGER Larus Vom Batu bred to the V-1, Sch 2, Norwegian Show Champion, Costanix Av Locathelli.

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